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Wedding Gown Care

Wedding Gowns

- Wedding gowns are one the most important and cherished garments and that’s why at Pleats we are proud to be Southern California’s premium wedding gown specialists. Our master team is experienced in wedding gown construction fit and also how to properly clean and store it for after the wedding. Because we have access to fancy and unique trimmings you can be assured your gown will not only be cleaned but restored to its original state. Luxurious gowns are gently hand cleaned or dry cleaned with fresh organic solvents. Our museum quality preservation box made of acid-free materials will keep your gown safe for generations to come. 

Wedding Gown Alterations and How it Works:


Step 1: Wedding gown alterations are done at our San Marcos location and require an appointment, please call 760-471-2165 to schedule a complimentary fitting Monday – Saturday. We are flexible with timing, typically it takes about 2-4 weeks for wedding gown alterations but we can always work with your time frame.  


Step 2: Our master seamstress will assess and begin pinning your gown and will tell you the exact pricing of what all the costs will be and discuss your options. Gowns have several ways to be tailored, communicating exactly what you want is key to a successful fitting. Most brides spend about $250400 for alterations.


Step 3: We require a minimum 50% deposit to begin alterations. We accept all methods of payments except for America Express. We will then set up a second appointment fitting usually 2-3 weeks after first fitting.


Step 4: At your second appointment your gown will be finished and pressed and steamed and ready for pick up. If there are any last minute requests we can schedule a third appointment.    


PRICES for Wedding Gown Alterations (for typical gowns with boning, structure and layers, lighter and simple gowns could be less, heavily beaded and complex designs could be more, because gowns can vary so dramatically we recommend a complimentary consultation)


Hem (shorten) from the bottom $120200

Hem (shorten) from the top $220 500

Bustle (pick up train for after ceremony)  $85150

Take in or let out sides $120200

Let out sides by adding fabric $200 300

Add corset to back $150200





(pricing can vary based on the condition of the gown and the complexity of the gown as far as beading and intricate design)



Press & Steam gowns before the ceremony: $4595


Dry Clean Wedding regular gowns: $120250: includes pre and post spot removal, repairs to loose beads and threads and gently hung and packaged lengthwise in a breathable white garment bag.


Dry Clean & Preserve flat fee of $265.00: includes pre and post spot removal, repairs to loose beading, threads and minor restoration techniques, gently folded and packaged with acid free tissue and cotton muslin fabric, placed in a gold museum quality box made of acid free materials guaranteed to keep your gown safe for generations to come. Includes a viewing window so you can always look at your beautiful gown without having to open the box. Also includes an additional outer box for extra protection from the elements.


Cleaning of Couture Wedding gowns: Please stop by our San Marcos location Monday – Saturday for an assessment and cost.